Finding Strength In Vulnerability

In today’s frenetic world we often find ourselves operating on auto-pilot, or simply going through the motions to get through the daily grind. Coupled with the rise of constant media distractions we are more isolated then ever – both from authentic relationships with others and from understanding our internal self and unique purpose.

Finding Strength in Vulnerability is a holistic learning experiences that seeks to help: raise emotional intelligencerestore balance, reject the status quo and reignite the internal flame of purpose in individuals and groups.

What is Finding Strength in Vulnerability?

Finding Strength in Vulnerability begins by providing a supportive environment to connect individuals with their inner passions and core purpose by first getting curious about their vulnerabilities. From there, Finding Strength in Vulnerability propels individuals forward to understand how to focus on, and leverage, their unique strengths in order to live an authentic, inspired life. Yoga and/or Spiritual practices are integrated throughout the journey to enhance the mind-body connection and demonstrate how our core strength truly comes when we are vulnerable, honest and empathetic.

Who are your guides for Finding Strength in Vulnerability?

Katie and Abi formed a partnership based on a shared love of personal development, creativity and overall wellness. Their joint experience, training and certifications in Gallup-Certified Strengths coaching and Brene Brown's COURAGEworks course have prepared them to serve as your guides along this journey. The combination of their action-oriented and individualized approaches creates the space for discovery and growth.